Leaders Inspiring Action


How does one become an leader that inspires action?

I’ve learned a lot since I started working from home and trying to build my business into something that actually had results.

The first hard lesson I learned: figuring out how to get people. I would talk to someone and spend the whole time thinking, how can I get this person to join my team, how do I convince them to be a part of what I was a part of? After a lot of failed attempts and having my business not grow very much, I realized I was doing this all wrong. I needed to help people, not get them. As a leader we need to listen, understand others and help them with their goals first. When I show others that I’m interested in helping them and show them how to reach their goals, I have made a contact that feels connected to me, someone who understands that I want to do what’s best for them. Try it. Have the right attitude, get out there and help people, you will be amazed at how your business will grow.

Something else I didn’t understand was; ‘Why do people start and then stop?’ So many people start a home business and then disappear into the background. Well, building a business requires a team, and your team needs a leader that inspires action. Think about this: ‘A confused mind does nothing!’ When someone joins your team, they have a desire to do something to start their own business, but not always sure of what the plan is or how to do it. It is imperative in your business to have good training and planning for them. Make yourself available when they need your assistance. Give realistic expectations. Set up people in your business to succeed, not to fail. Communication is key. It makes all the difference when you talk often with the members in your team. Be a great mentor to them. When you show your team all these great attributes; they treat others in their business the same way you taught them. What an awesome way to inspire action and build your business into a huge success!


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