The MYTH about MLM’s and Long Term Residual Income

“Residual Income” can be defined as money that is earned and continues to be earned mythfrom work done in the past.

So let’s dive in and have a look at what might create REAL, Long Term, SECURE, Residual Income.


1.Author of a Book.

An author writes a book and then people buy it. Others may continue to buy it years later. When you look at authors on the best seller list, you’ll see that in  most cases they continue to write more and more books. Why? Hopefully they do it for the love of it, but you also have to consider that a book makes the majority of it’s sales during the first few months. After that the residuals tend to be minimal if any. So in order to continue earning a comfortable income, the author continues to write. Think about it. If an author only wrote one book, how big of a monthly residual income would they be earning years later?

2. A Musician.
Same concept as the author. Keep in mind, there are some authors and musicians who have made it big and because of that continue to earn a “substantial” residual income from their work, however we are talking about a VERY slim few compared to the millions out there.

3. An insurance agent.
Typically an insurance agent gains a customer and continues to earn commission when that customer renews his policy. But what happens when that insurance agent retires? He hands off his clients to the next agent and no longer receives commissions from those customers.

4. MLM or Multi-Level Marketing Companies.
One of the biggest pitches you’ll hear from an MLM company is that if you build it, you will be building a residual income and you can retire early and never have to work again! Sure this may be true for 1% or less of the millions of people involved but what about the other 99%?

If an MLM business model worked with helping people build REAL long term, lifetime, SECURE, RESIDUAL income, you would think there would be at least ONE MLM that accomplished the following:

Is there one MLM that started in the USA in the past 30 years, that grew to 300 million in annual sales, and then continued to grow in the USA for each of the following 3 years. Just one? Nope…not a one.

If you know of one, please share…but make sure you come with documented proof.


Residual Income CAN be done.

You just need to know what questions to ask and what to look for.


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