Hope is NOT a Strategy!

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Sadly, many people “hope” for things to happen without taking action to make things happen.

So many are stuck in a rut and just continue down the same path of frustration and pain “hoping” things will change.

People who are genuinely happy and successful, always have hope, but in addition to that they are always “DOING”.

  • They acknowledge their current condition. How and why they got there.
  • They are not afraid to confront the brutal facts.
  • They analyze results. What is working? What isn’t? Why?
  • They are champions of change.
  • They never settle for mediocre.
  • They create action plans and do the hard work necessary.

Use “HOPE” as a whisper to try again or try something new.

Action is what’s needed to create the life you want and deserve!


Here’s to your unlimited success and happiness!


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